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Lansdowne Community Newsletter

Lansdowne Community League provides a newsletter to the community to find out about league activities and other events of interest to the neighbourhood around the city. League members get email access to an enhanced version that includes a community connections section. 

Our newsletter does provide limited opportunities for paid advertising. We provide free advertising space for not-for-profits and charities of interest to our neighbourhood. Lansdowne Community League members can also continue to use the “Neighbour Connections” section at the end of the newsletter for classified style ads free of charge. Our newsletter is currently distributed to approximately 320 email addresses as well as being posted on our website. 

Our fees for advertising are as follows:


¼ page ad: $25

½ page ad: $50

Full page ad: $100


Ads placement in the newsletter itself will be determined by the league. We reserve the right to restrict the number of ads if we have a lot of requests on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please send any advertising requests to newsletter@lansdownecommunityleague.com by the end of the first week of the month for inclusion in that month's newsletter. Preferred file formats are jpg files and payment is accepted by e-transfer.   


Check out our current edition, or a selection of our previous editions, below: