Lansdowne Community Ice Rink  is now CLOSED for the season


Lansdowne Community League operates our community ice rink and skate room in the winter months. Use of the ice rink, skate room, and washrooms is available to all community league members. The rink is a great place to come enjoy the outdoors with your neighbours!

Hours: 10am - 9pm daily (please note maintenance is also done during these hours, which may leave the rink temporarily unavailable for short periods)


1. Rink manager may close the rink at any time for maintenance - no skating during maintenance or when signs are posted

2. Lansdowne Community League assumes no responsibility for the actions of individual for personal injury, so use the rink at your own risk

3. Helmets are recommended for all skaters

4. Skating in a manner than endangers others is strictly forbidden

5. Shinny hockey must be kept to half ice when other recreational skaters are present

6. No hockey sticks in the skate room - use the stick rack outside

7. No fights, pushing, checking, foul language, smoking, spitting, or high sticking

8. Alcohol is not permitted on the ice or in the Skate Room

9. No food or beverages on the ice or along the boards

10. Rink manager's word is final, and the League reserves the right to revoke ice privileges for any person not following the rules or for any other just cause.