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Lansdowne Community League is proud to present Art Walk 2021! 

Art that’s big or small, we love it all!


Event Information:

Details: It’s spring and the grass & flowers are finally coming and so is our Art Walk 2021! From May 1-16th, we will have four different themes that participants can create art for our neighbours to enjoy. Art can include pictures in your window, chalk outside your house, sculptures, decorations, posed scenes, and just about anything else that you come up with that fits the theme and can be seen from the sidewalk. Themes last for 5 days, so get creative and feel free to continue to build on your art.

Our four themes will include: 1.) Spring/Nature  2.) Space  3.) Fantasy  4.) A few of my FAVOURITE things! 

We do have prizes this year for our participant houses, for a bunch of different categories.  Stay tuned for the winners as the Art Walk continues.

Please let us know if we can add your house to our Art Walk map by emailing: newsletter@lansdownecommunityleague.com.  


When: May 1-16th, 2021

Where: You can start from anywhere in Lansdowne & follow the map to view the art throughout the neighbourhood. 

How: Our Art Walk tour map can be found on our Lansdowne Community Leagues’ Facebook page, as well as on our website under Events.

Why: To build community, to get creative and walk off the winter with some art! 


  1. Participants are asked to remain on the sidewalk while viewing the art.

  2. Please keep in mind physical distancing when out for the Art Walk.

  3. We do have prizes for our participant houses, we will update winners on our Facebook page as the Art Walk continues.