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Please note the following links and documents you may need to refer to, depending on the specifics of your event:


Are you planning an event on a public park site this season? Get the required Parkland Event License for no charge from your Community Recreation Coordinator.

Not sure if you need a Parkland Event License? Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here: or submit your application form here:

A license would be required for any exception to City of Edmonton Parkland Bylaw 2202, such as: 

  • Group gatherings of 50 or more people 

  • A ceremony (wedding, church service) 

  • Commercial entertainment such as Fireworks, horse‐drawn wagon/sleigh rides, hot air balloons, commercial photography, gaming/raffles, amusement rides, bouncy houses/inflatable play structures, petting zoo, outdoor music/stage, etc. 

  • Temporary food service and barbecue 

  • Liquor to serve or sell 

  • Portable toilets 

  • Model aircraft, rockets or other power‐assisted flying models 

  • Temporary fire pits 

  • Putting up temporary signage on parkland 

  • Vehicles driving across or parking on parkland 


Book a sports field or ball diamond (fees apply): 
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