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Lansdowne Community League Executive

General Neighbourhood Membership inquiries: membership@lansdownecommunityleague.com
Newsletter submissions : newsletter@lansdownecommunityleague.com 


  • President:  Leah Fiorillo

  • Vice-President:  Alexandra Carnegie

  • Past-President:  Dale Hayduk

  • Treasurer: Scott Stubbs (Looking for new volunteer)

  • Secretary: Shannon Foster

  • Membership: Will Stenbeck

  • Website/Social Media/Newsletter: Loretta Foley​ /  Elise Barber 

  • Community Activities/Social Coordinator : Kelsey Armstrong / Michelle Lindberg

  • ​Youth Coordinator:  VACANT

  • Security & Neighbourhood Watch: VACANT

  • Seniors Coordinator:  VACANT

  • Lansdowne Building and Grounds: David Menard  (Looking for new volunteer)

  • Hall Rental: hall@lansdownecommunityleague.com - David Menard  (Looking for new volunteer)

  • Soccer Coordinators:  VACANT

  • Tennis Coordinator: Scott Stubbs

  • South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition:  Paul Greenwood

  • Civic Coordinator:  VACANT

  • Community Services:  Wendy Keiller

We are always in search of volunteers. Interested in helping shape the future of our community? Email us!

Lansdowne History

Lansdowne was developed on land annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1960.

Residential development proceeded through the 1960s and was nearly completed within the decade. Lansdowne offers a unique setting. The fields of the University of Alberta Farm to the north and north-east present a quiet pastoral atmosphere and the opportunity to view a rural, agricultural setting from the bicycle path through the eastern portion of the farm. Whitemud Creek Ravine, to the west, offers a natural woodland habitat, a skiing and recreational facility and access to river valley park trails. There are apartment buildings at the southeast and northeast corners of the neighbourhood, but most housing in Lansdowne consists of “executive” style single unit homes on above average size lots. Residential units are 64% single detached and 36% apartment.  

The focus of the neighbourhood is a multiple purpose educational and recreational site.   The neighbourhood’s bus route circles the site. Strategically placed paths and the grassy open space of a pipeline right-of-way promote pedestrian and bicycle travel through the neighbourhood.

Lansdowne was named in honour of the Earl of Lansdowne, the Governor General of Canada from 1883 to 1888. 

Quoted from 2006 Census of Canada